No winners or losers, your only goal is connection.

Discover something new about yourself and connect with others in nourishing, heart-felt ways, or maybe meet your vulnerability edge! 

The Game is all about enjoying the simple act of seeing, understanding, appreciating and connecting with others at a deeper level

110 beautifully designed cards are divided into four categories that explore different ways of relating: verbal, physical, play & moments to pause.

Simply lay all the cards down and take turns to pick up a card up and follow the instructions. A stop card offers the possibility to move on to a different invitation, if desired.

The cards are designed to bridge the spectrum between playful and profound, and sometimes also meet you at your vulnerability edge. Invite some friends over (up to 10), take the cards to a gathering or just choose the verbal category and play over dinner!

Who is behind The Game?

Ruby May is a British, Berlin-dwelling connection catalyst and creative visionary who has over ten years of personal and professional enquiry in human connection and intimacy. Find out more about her here.


The Game is the creation of Ruby May, is designed by Louka Leppard and supported by contributions through the following wonderful humans:

Adam Wilder – Founder of ‘Togetherness’ and ‘Shhh Dating’
Tiu de Haan – Ritualist & Creativity Coach 
Jamie Catto – Facilitator, Author & Sacred Fool
Gayatri – Tantra teacher & Founder of ‘Pleasure for the Planet’
Kai Ehrhardt – Founder of the Somatic Academy & Authentic Eros
Gregor Steinmaurer – Relationship Coach, Trauma Specialist & Groupwork Facilitator
Sandra Abrouk – Co-living & Experience Designer
Maegan Gorbett – Open Floor facilitator & Ritualist
Daniel Hayes – Founder of ‘Touch & Play’
Wilrieke Sophia – Intimacy Activist & Founder of ‘Cuddle Workshops International’
Simon Paul Sutton – Facilitator, Relationship Coach & Author
Sara Ness – Leadership Coach & Founder of Authentic Revolution
Louka Leppard – Bodyworker & Founder of Tula Yoga
Ronan Harrington – International Speaker, Thought Leader & Connection Facilitator
Amy Rachelle – Breathwork Facilitator & co-initiator of the ASHA community
Ron Bunzl – Poet, Theatre & Improvisation teacher

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